FridayFlash, A Meeting in the Dark

I forgot to set the genre in the #ff collector. Before you go on, know that this is zombie related and horrible. You have been warned.

A Meeting in the Dark

There wasn’t a lot of space in the closet, and it was dark. It was filled with junk, whatever you touched awoke the dust devils and they came whirling at your face. David assumed this was some old and forgotten room in Mercy Hospital. No one had been in here for years, except maybe, to throw in some more useless junk. They had been lucky the door hadn’t been locked, because if it had been, they would be cannibal grub by now.

“Jesus fuck” Susan said. Her voice was pure panic in the dark. She was blonde and that was all David remembered about her. He had been focusing on other things when they had met a few minutes ago. Like running from Mr. Williams. That old geezer had goddamn nearly bitten his cheek off. David could feel blood oozing out of his bite wound and drip down onto his doctor’s whites.

“I wish he would stop that” Susan continued. Mr. Williams was relentless. He just would not stop punching the closet door. David could tell that the frantic pace of the beating was driving Susan mad. It was all over her voice. “I mean he has to stop, get tired” she said. “He looked like he was a hundred years old.”

David could hear Susan’s heavy breathing in the dark. He imagined her spiraling down towards madness, he had to do something, talk to her.

“He is seventy-two years old, and his name is Richard Williams” was all David could say, he must be going into chock. It would only be the decent thing to do. And talking fucking hurt when you were missing a chunk of your cheek.

“Oh Jesus man, don’t tell me his name. I don’t wanna know him, there was blood all over his face” Susan replied. Her voice was getting muffled and hard to hear. She must be pumping adrenalin like a race-horse David thought. He wished that he could do something.

“Sorry” he said. “The blood is mostly mine, I think.” David cursed himself under his tongue, why the hell did he say that? It wasn’t helping a bit. He was forgetting all about bedside manner. He wasn’t doing a very good job of helping this young woman. Maybe he had lost his mind. He could pinpoint the exact second when it most probably had happened. It had been when Mr. Williams, which he had just pronounced dead, had sat bolt upright in his death-bed and taken a good clean bite right out of his face. That had been impossible, so was a seventy-two year old corpse ceaselessly banging on the closet door.

“He bit me in the face” David said. Yeah he was defiantly loosing it. Susan had said it alright, Jesus fuck.

“My husband is on this floor” Susan said after a few moments. “I was just on my way to see him when I met you. His name is Marcus, he has cancer. It’s pretty bad” she sighed. “I hope he is okay.”

“Marcus Bradly?” David asked.

“Yeah that’s my hubby” Susan said flatly.

“I’m sure he is fine Dr. Goldberg is very good” David said.

“Yes, Marcus likes him tremendously” Susan replied. “You got a wife?” she asked.

“Divorced” David said. In his ears the word sounded like a death sentence. He stilled loved Allie very much. “Six months now” he said.

“Oh that’s too bad” Susan replied. None of them spoke for a while. They just sat in the dark listening to deceased old Mr. Williams banging his fists to mash against the closet door.

© Isaac Liljedahl


~ by Heartigan on May 14, 2010.

4 Responses to “FridayFlash, A Meeting in the Dark”

  1. A sort of slice-of-life zombie story – that’s certainly a new one for me 🙂

  2. I don’t know what’s worse, listening to the old dead guy banging on the door, or knowing you’re about to turn zombie because he bit you. I feel sorry for Susan.

    Good tension and crazy-making-ness. 🙂

  3. Poor Susan. And I’m sure her husband is NOT fine if there’s zombies about!

  4. Really good =) I’m not that much into zombies, but I love the dialog =)
    Few grammar points though 😛
    “…sure he is fine Dr. Goldberg…” Missing full stop between fine and Dr.
    “He stilled loved Allie…” Stilled?

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