Space Blues, Part Three

Mars was a bad place. The syndicates had gained a firm grip over the cities at an early stage in the colonization. Now the planet was controlled by men standing in the shadows playing with their corrupt puppets. Because of this things happened on Mars, both bad and great.

“I need to see a man” Ace said as the ship drifted towards the dock of Mars City. “When do we meet your contact?”

“In two days” Garret said. “Do you need me to come with you?”

“This is something I have to do alone.” Outside they could see the red city stretch out in an infinity of skyscrapers, and in the middle was a huge triangular building, the Black Pyramid. It was a giant looking down on the city, watching and controlling.

“Look, trees” Garret pointed at a plaza close to the docks. “I can’t believe they got that environment management center to work. They are even dismantling the dome.”

Ace sighed and shock his head. He took a nibble out of his sandwich, the bread was stale and smelled faintly of mildew.

“They are creating another Earth, it’s amazing” Garret said.

“I wonder how this one is going to end” Ace replied.

“Hey, you don’t always have to be so gloom Ace. Lighten up a bit, and eat your damned breakfast. You look a shade grayer every time I see you.” Garret said. He was worried. The last few months Ace had been acting strange. Something had happened to his friend, and Garret hated not knowing what. “How can I help you if you never talk to me? Tell me where you are going, let me come along.”

“I’m sorry Garret but I don’t need your help” Ace said.

“So that’s how it is?” Garret felt anger surge through him. All of a sudden he was hot, blood pumping with rage. “If that’s that then you can just get your sorry ass out of here right now.”

“Yeah, okay” Ace said. He got up from his seat and walked away.

For a long moment Garret sat there, staring at Ace’s unfinished sandwich.

© Isaac Liljedahl


~ by Heartigan on May 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Space Blues, Part Three”

  1. I love the last line!

  2. I think that you take us to Mars too quickly. I would like a moment where Garret and Ace are trapped, alone, in their ship. What do they talk about? What happened to the guy Ace shot? What is their relationship (who is the hero or anti-hero and how is the side kick – Lone Ranger and Tonto style)?

    But whatever you do, just keep writing.

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