WAG, Burn

I’m going to try something new this week. It’s called WAG, Writing Adventure Group,  and it looks like it can be a lot of fun. You can find more information over at http://www.indiadrummond.com/writers-group/

“WAG #19: Pick a Pocket” Let’s do some stalking people-watching for this one! Pick someone out of a crowd and describe what (you imagine) is in their pockets (Unless you want to be brave and ask them!) Give us both meaning and physical details, and don’t forget to let yourself be surprised.


He had nothing in his pockets. Not anymore. He was going somewhere new and exciting. He needed to be empty, void of the things that had tied him down all his life. It was good to be free from the shackles of his choices. It felt like he had lost all that weight he was always talking about.

He had left his house one last time, not looking back. He had crashed his Porsche set fire to his money and clothes. It felt so good, but it smelled so bad.

He thought about his family. Maybe they would cry for him, wishing he’d stay. But how could he, when every cell in his body burned and ached for something different.

“C O M E” the robed figure beckoned. Something twinkled in the shadows, he could see the cold gleam through the fire. It swooped down upon him with the sound of thunder. He smiled and moved on.

© Isaac Liljedahl


~ by Heartigan on April 25, 2010.

15 Responses to “WAG, Burn”

  1. Good luck with the WAG

  2. It almost sounds like he has encountered Tyler Durden!!

    If you’re interested in using belongings to explore character, try to track down the short story “The Things They Carried”.

    • Tyler Durden, it took a moment for that penny to drop, Fight Club. Yeah in a way he has, or something like that 😉
      I will look it up, thanks for the tip!

  3. That was awesomely unexpected. Nice.

  4. The grass may not be greener on the other side, but that’s for him to find out or not.

    Loved the line: “It looked so good but it smelled so bad.”

    Nicely done!

  5. […] Isaac Liljedahl (New to WAG!) […]

  6. Very well done! I didn’t realise until the end that I’d been holding my breath… wow!

  7. Thanks for reading and commenting, always makes me happy to see. I’m glad you liked it since I tried to go outside of my comfort zone when I wrote this. It’s not what I usually write.

  8. Welcome to WAG Isaac, nice one!!

  9. Very creative! I loved how you twisted the topic. Welcome to WAG!

  10. Like the ending! REally enjoyed reading this.

  11. Hey, welcome to the WAG!

    Short and sweet. I get a feeling of a parallel reality, of “otherness”. Or possibly psychosis. Not bad in so few sentences.

  12. Damn. That’s good stuff. And, not a bad idea…where’s my lighter?

  13. Really enjoyed that, great writing.

  14. Welcome to WAG. This is really a nice piece. It’s clear you have a lot of practice with flash fiction. 🙂

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